The Improbable Agency

However, going at the macro level, the processes that we implement when developing new ideas, campaigns, products should not be sequential. Much too often, companies focus completely on the development stage and only then consider doing a thorough competitors’ analysis and, based on that, initiate PR campaigns and start marketing activities to promote the product they are launching. And much too often, this proves to be much too late in the game. The processes of building the brand strategy, setting up the first PR campaign and planning marketing activities should not happen after product development and, certainly, not be sequential.

Our methodology stems from making the product development stage an opportunity in itself to build the brand dynamically, a chance to engage with users who will start following the creation process till the moment they will become the first customers and the moment when marketing activities of addressing groups and communities of like-minded people can start before going to market. We embed brand, PR and marketing in the pre-launch stage in order to make the launch moment truly effective in generating a sustainable long-tail of communication post-launch.